CiCoDa Racing – The Story So Far

This post follows on from an earlier post: “So, ummm, I own a Motor Racing team“.

I decided to look into setting up an amateur motor racing team in the Spring of 2018. It’s something I always wanted to do but I always thought it would be very expensive. I’ve previously setup a football club and a few different business & it’s always the “behind the scenes” stuff that interests me most.

When I discovered that a contact of mine (JB Farrell) always wanted to try Motor Racing as a driver, we agreed to look into it. 

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So, ummm, I own a Motor Racing team [updated].

I own a Motor Racing team since a few weeks ago.

No, seriously, I do. It’s called CiCoDa Racing and it’s very entry-level, very unglamourous and very affordable. We race in the Formula Vee championship (#FormulaVeeIRL). I set it up this year with the help of JB Farrell (who will be driving) and Gary Baitson (who, like me, won’t be driving!).

Why did I do such a silly thing (other than that my earlier mid-life crisis of owning a Mazda MX5 wasn’t a proper mid-life crisis)…? Well… Read More »